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Blood & Wires is an independent cassette label focusing on electronic and experimental Artists in New Zealand. We partner with Artists to create limited edition cassette tapes.

Founded in 2020 by Scott Brown in Tauranga, New Zealand. Blood & Wires stemmed from the desire to raise the profile of New Zealand based electronic and experimental artists.

We focus on music with a difference, genres that get less commercial exposure and support. Think ambient, doombient, all the "bients", noise, field recordings, experimental, that sort of thing. If you are running a flute through guitar pedals and modular systems, we want to talk to you.

Cassettes? Seriously?

Yes, cassettes are still very much alive and described as “the new vinyl”. Highly collectable, colourful and full of tapey goodness. A great way to get a physical release to your fans. We work with limited edition releases from 10 to 50 copies. We have a wide range of colour options for cassettes and cases available. Whilst we source our cassettes from overseas, all the recording, design and printing is done right here in Tauranga.


We will work with you to create any design elements needed for online or cassette tape releases, marketing and merchandise. Whether it is taking an existing design and adapting it for other uses or creating a completely new design.