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Our annual compilation album featuring a curated selection of New Zealand electronic artists.

I read an amazing book called “Erewhon Calling: Experimental Sound in New Zealand” by Bruce Russell and was amazed at the long history of experimental sound in our country. There were a few familiar names scattered through out the book but the majority of works presented were completely new to me. It made me think about my encounters online with fellow musicians seeking something new and exciting outside the realm of what is perceived to be more commercially appealing.

I have met some great people over the years producing some fascinating sounds and it occurred to me that I could contribute to our legacy of experimental sounds by creating a compilation album, perhaps a series if this first experiment goes well.

We are not out to make money from your music and you do not have to pay to be on the compilation, you own your music and we hope the terms section below outlines our intent. Our aim is to create something cool for the NZ music community and try to create some momentum for future releases.

What is it?

A compilation album featuring electronic/experimental artists based in New Zealand.

Where will it be available?

A digital download from bandcamp and a limited edition cassette tape from this website.

Will there be a charge to download?

Yes, we want to help the Artists included on this release to create some income from their art.

Will it be promoted?

We will promote the release online with paid advertising and submit it to NZ music websites and radio to try and get some press exposure. We hope that you, as a contributing artist or fan, will share the release via your preferred social media channels and websites to help get the word out.

What’s with the name?

For me the name Blood and Wires invokes the idea of human and machine, it makes me visualise a person huddled over a modular synth patching new sounds into existence like an artist painting on a blank canvas.

What is the submission deadline?

Currently closed for submissions. We will put a call out around November 2021 for volume three.