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Darkslider is an electronic, experimental ambient music project. The music genre sits between 70's electronic ambient to glitch and noise.


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How did you get into electronic music? Where did it all begin?

Hard to pinpoint, probably traces back to watching tv in the early 1980’s as an adolescent with shows like RTR and Radio with Pictures and hearing strange sounds from bands at that time.

Is there one piece of gear that was a real turning point for you?

Roland Juno 6, gave me the introduction into really cool sounding instruments.

Is there a particular instrument or sound source you find yourself drawn to?

Arturia Keylab and V suite, the low level of complexity and ease of use is refreshing and inspiring.

What does your creative process look like? Are there particular techniques that help your process?

No real trick, I would typically load up a midi track in DAW then provision a VST or combination of VST synths, play around loading patches and playing with parameters/patches until I like the sound of something. Because the music is ambient it isn’t overly difficult to find sounds which complement each other well.

Where do you usually start when creating a new piece?

I generally start with pad or sfx type sounds, i will start with intro's 90% of the time and go from there.

Do you perform live? How do you translate your music into a live performance?

The last time I performed live was 2013, I generally don't do so but would be open to if the opportunity presented itself and was right fit.

Do you think the town you live in (Dunedin) has an influence on your sound or process?

To a degree, but not so much. I have lived in different cities over the last 20 years, and I am generally inspired by the sound of the music itself more than my surroundings. If I was to draw off anything it would be environments like space, sky and nature.

What records caught your attention early on and influenced your direction?

The Body Electric - Presentation and Reality
Tangerine dream - Hyperborea
Vangelis - Spiral

Recommend one artist for people to check out (other than yourself of course)

Joriah Cristeneaux