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Compilation Artist

EchoSystem is a Producer / Dj based in Wellington


How did you get into electronic music? Where did it all begin?

My interest in electronic music began when I first started playing around with my first DAW, garage band as a kid. I’ve always appreciated the vast amount of sonic textures you can create with software instruments. DAWs allow me to make music whenever I want, and give me all of the tools needed to do so.

Is there one piece of gear that was a real turning point for you?

My first synth, the Korg Monologue, was very important to me as it introduced me to synthesise my own sounds, and introduced me to a lot of the technical side of electronic music production.

Is there a particular instrument or sound source you find yourself drawn to?

My interest in sound sources is quite eclectic, varying from modular synthesisers, to more traditional instruments such as the double bass. I Also see Ableton, the DAW I use as an instrument in itself, allowing me to create arrangements for my pieces.

What does your creative process look like? Are there particular techniques that help your process?

I usually start with the groove, using percussion loops and samples to create a feel for the piece, and then add in melodies and baselines which frame my rhythmic ideas. I like to use a collage like approach, adding more layers and countermelodies until I feel the idea is complete.

Do you find that other creative pursuits influence your music?

When I’m not making music I enjoy printmaking and photography, which often has similar aesthetics to my music, using collages of different media.

Do you perform live? How do you translate your music into a live performance?

I perform my music live by djing and using the Ableton push to perform my pieces.

What is the source of inspiration for your latest work?

The idea for my track “synthetic birdsong” was to create the landscape of a world where the natural environment is altered by technology. Playing with the ideas of simulated reality. The singing sounds of the synthesiser give the illusion of birdsong, giving an eerie effect to the sound environment.

Do you think the town you live in (Wellington) has an influence on your sound or process?

Being based in Wellington, I often feel that there is a lot of conflict between the natural and man made environment which gives me a lot of inspiration to create music which replicates this landscape.

What is the strangest or most surprising instrument you have used?

One of my favourite plug-ins, sonic charge’s Synplant, is quite an interesting plugin as you plant seeds and grow branches to sculpt into sounds. It has quite a unique user interface and can create some really interesting textures.